Is Lo Loestrin® Fe Right for Her?


Lo Loestrin Fe is the only ultra-low-dose oral contraceptive (OC) with just 10 mcg of daily ethinyl estradiol - the lowest daily dose of estrogen among all available OCs

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About This Patient

Name: Grace    Age: 18
Height: 5 ft 1 in    Weight: 135 lb    BMI: 26 kg/m2

First time at the OB/GYN

Leaving home for college; wants to start an OC for pregnancy prevention

Not an actual patient.

Grace’s reason for Lo Loestrin Fe:

Trusts her doctor to start her on a low-dose OC option that is right for her

About This Patient

Name: Zara    Age: 25
Height: 5 ft 5 in    Weight: 180 lb    BMI: 30 kg/m2

Returning patient who previously tried higher dose OCs, wants to meet via telehealth (more convenient)

Just switched jobs and started a new relationship; desires pregnancy prevention with the potential for short, lighter periods

Not an actual patient.

Zara’s reason for Lo Loestrin Fe:

Looking for a low-dose OC option that she can rely on to help prevent pregnancy


About This Patient

Name: Maya    Age: 34
Height: 5 ft 3 in    Weight: 152 lb    BMI: 27 kg/m2

Returning to work; doesn’t want a barrier method and is conscious about the amount of hormones in her OC

6 months postpartum; weaned her baby >4 weeks ago and pays attention to what she puts into her body

Not an actual patient.

Maya’s reason for Lo Loestrin Fe:

She is a new mom who's ready to get back on birth control and is seeking a low-dose OC